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Northumbrian Small Pipes Workshop

  • Tuesday, October 06, 2015 11:59 AM
Northumbrian Small Pipes Workshop
Saturday 10th October 2015 - 1pm to 4pm

Led by Kevin Tilbury

Learn the basics of playing the small pipes, from the mechanics of 
operating the bag, bellows and drone to getting started with the chanter 
and fingering in Northumbrian, Scottish and Anglo styles.

This introduction to the small pipes requires no previous experience, 
and there will be limited sets of handmade bellows-blown pipes available 
to use on the day. Because of the small number of sets of pipes, places 
at this workshop are quite limited, but attendees who can bring their 
own set of small pipes would also be most welcome!

£20 per person

To book your place, email, call us on 01434 601993 
or drop us a message on Facebook.